Polly C. Peterson, MCP

Infinitely Green Consulting works with all types of organizations, businesses, as well as individuals in a partner capacity to help them integrate sustainability into long-term plans and day-to-day operations.  By considering environmental, economic and community factors in a triple bottom line approach, synergistic benefits are realized through more efficient, effective and responsible practices.  Let’s discuss how we can partner and work toward achieving more sustainable operations and choices for your organization or community.

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*UPDATE: Infinitely Green is now EDGE certified for the State of  Ohio.*

Infinitely Green is WBE certified for the City of Toledo.

I am also available to give workshops and presentations on general sustainability and environmental concepts as well as a variety of specific topics – such as carbon footprint, local food systems, REDUCE/Reuse/recycle, community engagement and permaculture.  Often education about the concepts and benefits of sustainability is needed before employees or community members feel compelled to change their habits and shift old modes of thinking.

Contact me with your educational needs  and I can help structure the best workshop content and format that fits your budget.

Infinitely Green Consulting

Polly C. Peterson, MCP

P.O. Box 1347, Bowling Green, OH 43402


Infinitely Green is WBE certified for work with the City of Toledo, OH and EDGE certified for the State of Ohio.

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